stupid things customers do....
who ARE you?????

I just have to smh when one of my boss’s told me this: He saw a couple standing by our clearance end cap, the things on this end cap are really marked down L O W! they are marked with a neon green label from a price gun……so my boss saw this couple standing in front of the clearance end cap, the man was peeling the neon green labels off, while his meth induced girlfriend who couldnt stand still was moving around like she had cerebral palsy, looking out for employees, while her sophisticated big time criminal of a boyfriend was trying to peel all the stickers off so that they could place them on other things that they wanted!…people?…all I can say to that is: You are a DUMBASS! really???…..that criminal act will woooork. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?…I need to find your parents and sock them right in the face, and you know why?….because it should be a crime to multiply and have idiots like you two! your parents should of wore CONDOMS! or have been neutered!

It should be a rule!

That all customers who want to EXHALE in the direction of my face, should be required to be equipped with a variety of breath mints!

why do they think its ok…..

while looking for the waded up dollar bills in their wallet to pay for their items, do they think its ok to start to clean out their wallet of all these little bits of paper, old receipts, gum wrappers, little particles of matter, just plain garbage, and leave it on my clean counter…when your done leaving your nasty mess, you pick up your paid items that I nicely bagged for you, and say, “Can you throw that away for me Hun?” and walk out! EWWWW! no WHOE! yuz a nasty, nasty, ass WHOE! uhhh! hello?! take your nasty ass wallet home and clean it out there. Why you gotta be so inconsiderate? 

I guess there are no…..

bathrooms in the town of Santa Cruz. It seems to me that when we are short handed it tends to trigger an abundance of weak bladders. It never fails. Doesnt anyone go to the bathroom before they leave the house anymore?…and how about bombarding the associate thats working the register, and answering the phone at the same time, and here comes that one customer who just has to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW!…..”Hello, can I use your bathroom?”…”Here! I know, let me put the customer that’s on the phone on hold, and the customer Im ringing up, I’ll just tell him to hold on!..because Mr. “I have to PEE right NOW, and so everyone has to wait!” is too rude to go next door to use the PUBLIC BATHROOM!…..Go Home and PEE!

if you have to ask a question….

then at least listen to what the answer is. So a customer comes in, as he passes by me he asks where’s the cold medicine???…and keeps walking, No hello!, or how are you?, wheres the cold medicine and never stopped to hear the answer….my answer: Its out the door and across the street, up the ramp, keep walking till you see the freeway entrance and then run up the entrance and run across all 4 lanes of traffic, keep doing that till some lucky son of a bitch hits you!!!! LoL!

"Don’t innerupt, R U D E!"

So if you see me taking care of a customer, in the middle of a transaction, counting money, on the phone…its polite to wait your turn, instead of being rude and asking your question with no regards to the customer Im currently helping, or to the person Im talking to on the phone!….besides your question is right in front of you!?!…just read the aisle sign….R U D E!

How come when….

I’m called up to open up a checkstand because the line is long. I’ll announce to the customers waiting in the long line that, “I can help the next person in line on checkstand 3”!….and no one wants to come over, and How come when the line isn’t long and I happen to be up front checking the work clipboard customers will come up to me and ask if I’m open, and Im clearly not even standing in a checkstand AND the line is 2 people long and the first customer is leaving?!?

You know you’re not going to make it when, you’ve reached your limit on “stupid people” for the entire week and you realize its only Monday!

Why when asking where certain items are in the store do people feel the need to act out the gesture of using the items?…for instance “Where are the toothbrushes” the whole time this person is air brushing their teeth….do they think I’ll be able to undertstand English better if they act out the motion of the item they’re looking for?….pretty confusing the word toothbrush! might direct them to the front door or something! Cant wait till someone asks me “Hey where’s the condoms?” will they use their pinky finger to demonstrate putting on a condom? LoL!

someone tell me why….

People think its polite to cough in my direction when standing in my line?…and why exhaling with bad breath in my direction is ok?….so dont be offended when I make the fuchy face from your stinky kitty litter breath being exhaled on me!..eeewwwww!